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Professing Christianity is more than a social claim. When you classify to any religion, you make a statement about a deep conviction and belief you have. So let me ask.

What is your "personal" belief?

It is the call of Christians not only to identify with, but learn and live the message they proclaim. Explore how you can make a difference with your message.

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What Others Are Saying

I have found in Daniel a sincerity, a true love for the Lord and his Word. In doing this, this is the reason he is getting so much depth as a songwriter.

Daniel Ornellas, Bassist for Brenton Brown, Tree 63, & Dean of CMI Academy

Daniel has talent for performing and writing music that is the best I have worked with. But most importantly Daniel's heart is completely for Christ and people.

Kirk Scott, Chaplain of Desert Christian Academy

A man with a great passion to share the Gospel message through teaching, preaching, discipling and music. A Worship Pastor at heart.

Pastor Tito and Nelrose Sasam, ROLF Church Davao City, Philippines


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