Hi, I’m Daniel, a singer-songwriter. Can I send you something?


Worship is not limited to the songs we sing, nor held simply to a lifestyle. It’s more than that—much, much more. Learn to grow in the grace of God while challenged in the mission of Christ—with free music, exclusive content, and an eBook inside.

What Others Are Saying

I have found in Daniel a sincerity, a true love for the Lord and his word. In doing this, this is the reason he is getting so much depth as a songwriter. —Daniel Ornellas, Dean of CMI Academy & Tree 63 Bassist
Daniel has talent for performing and writing music that is the best I have worked with. But most importantly Daniel's heart is completely for Christ and people. " —Kirk Scott, Chaplain of Desert Christian Academy
If you get a chance to connect with Daniel, you will discover this wealth in him that I've managed to discover… there’s a depth there, that will be refreshing to you and the people around you. —Daniel Ornellas, Dean of CMI Academy & Tree 63 Bassist
A man with a great passion to share the Gospel message through teaching, preaching, discipling and music. A Worship Pastor at heart. —Tito and Nelrose Sasam, Pastor Tito and Nelrose Sasam, Releaser of Life Family Church Davao City, Philippines
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