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Worship Beyond The Stage...

What if we replaced a thirty-minute worship set with a three-second prayer, "Lord, how can I serve the nations?" What if, after gathering for a time of music, we scattered for a week of mission? What if the words of our songs echoed the way serve?

If you're like me, you desire authenticity of Christianity more than anything. You don't gauge church health by the quantity of the masses, but rather the quality of the few. You appreciate systems and strategies, performances and programs—but you don't want flashy or hype. You want real. You want authentic—a church (the hope of the world) that makes a difference in your community.

And you, want to be an integral part.

Programs and crowd events are a wonderful and necessary part of church life, but they are basic tools to support real worship. As a worship pastor and singer-songwriter, I want to help those whom God has given me, to follow Jesus in spirit and in truth—that is true worship.

Journey with me beyond the institution of a building into the place where people influence others with the integrity of their faith. I don't have all the answers, but one thing I am certain of. I will pursue authenticity with all my heart, and I invite you to join me.

Let's learn what it means to live out the message we profess practically in our daily lives. It doesn't matter where you have been or what you have done—your past doesn't mark your future. Today, Jesus is offering you a vision worth living for. He NEVER asks you to get right before you come. He makes you right, as you come!

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What Others Are Saying

I have found in Daniel a sincerity, a true love for the Lord and his Word. In doing this, this is the reason he is getting so much depth as a songwriter.

Daniel Ornellas, Bassist for Brenton Brown, Tree 63, & Dean of CMI Academy

Daniel has talent for performing and writing music that is the best I have worked with. But most importantly Daniel's heart is completely for Christ and people.

Kirk Scott, Chaplain of Desert Christian Academy

A man with a great passion to share the Gospel message through teaching, preaching, discipling and music. A Worship Pastor at heart.

Pastor Tito and Nelrose Sasam, ROLF Church Davao City, Philippines


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