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Worship is not limited to the songs we sing, nor held simply to a lifestyle. It's more than that—much, much more. Free music and e-books inside.

About Daniel

Hi. I’m Daniel, the writer of two albums Hear Our Praises and Turn My Desert. On this blog, I share my reflections on Christianity and application. This page will give you a crash course on what to expect.

Daniel Harrison


I believe every Christian should study, understand, and live the message they profess. And I consider it my life’s mission to help them do that.

I’ve been a Christian my whole life, but still exploring what it means to be a Christ follower. My purpose in life is not to be a successful singer-songwriter, local church pastor, or grow a big church.

My purpose is to wake up every morning and answer the question: “How can I show and tell people Jesus, make them disciples, and be a true disciple myself?” Nothing else matters.

I started this blog with a few burning questions:

  • What is God’s great and global purpose for humanity?
  • How can I help Christians understand the Christian message?
  • How can I help Christians discover their purpose and live it out passionately?

My ultimate passion is to make disciples of all nations, and I use songwriting as a tool to do that. I write songs simply to teach people the truth of God’s grace, and challenge believers to live on mission. I am working on a new writing project which includes some freshly recorded music. Subscribe at the bottom and I’ll send them to you when they arrive.

If you have a desire for understanding the truth about God, Man, Jesus, the Bible, and find your place in changing the world, this is the place for you.

I publish new articles one or two times per month and always seek to serve my readers. If you don’t want to miss a thing, sign up below and I’ll send you a free eBook:

What others are saying

I have found in Daniel a sincerity, a true love for the Lord and his word. In doing this, this is the reason he is getting so much depth as a songwriter.
—Daniel Ornellas, Dean of CMI Academy & Tree 63 Bassist

Daniel has talent for performing and writing music that is the best I have worked with. But most importantly Daniel’s heart is completely for Christ and people. “
—Kirk Scott, Chaplain of Desert Christian Academy

If you get a chance to connect with Daniel, you will discover this wealth in him that I’ve managed to discover… there’s a depth there, that will be refreshing to you and the people around you.
—Daniel Ornellas, Dean of CMI Academy & Tree 63 Bassist

A man with a great passion to share the Gospel message through teaching, preaching, discipling and music. A Worship Pastor at heart.

—Tito and Nelrose Sasam, Pastor Tito and Nelrose Sasam, Releaser of Life Family Church Davao City, Philippines

Best blog posts

More of what I do

To get more specific, I am a Christian singer-songwriter and local worship pastor in Southern California at Church 212. I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama but in 2006, moved to Southern California at the age of 18 along with my family.

It was there in Rancho Mirage, that I first began playing guitar and writing songs. 10 years later, I now live in Indio, CA and am a local worship pastor of Church 212.

I have two records released and you can find Hear Our Praises here and Turn My Desert here. They exist to Glorify God, share the Gospel, and edify the church.

Also check out a local men’s ministry I am very proud of–men who lead. We have 7 men’s groups in our church who are passionate about biblical manhood. If you are local, Join the community!

I am proudly apart of local association called, the LOV Movement. It is an association of pastors, ministers, and marketplace leaders who all share the same passions for ministry.

Each month, these community of leaders gather together to pray and share in what God is doing within the communities!

Unity among churches is highly valued in the Coachella Valley.


I would love to connect with you and help you in any way to further grow God’s kingdom. Why else are we here!? Email me at daniel@worshipwriter.com.

Stay connected because I am constantly giving away free resources from music downloads to E-books and more. Just sign up below.

Your Servant,

P.S. Check out this blog on why I write, Are You Only Identifying With Christianity?

You can also email me with any questions.

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16 Replies

  1. Dan Block

    February? We gotta wait that long? Looking forward to hearing it my man.

    1. daniel@church212.com

      haha! Yeah brother. I’ll have a music video release soon so you’ll get to hear at least one a little sooner!

  2. Michelle Ostendorf

    So proud of you Daniel ! I can’t wait to here it. Your song writing is defiantly anointed.

    1. daniel@church212.com

      Thanks so much! I’m so proud of you too. We’ve all come far!

  3. Todd Schufelt

    Daniel is so talented…!! He’s a True Superstar and best of all he loves the LORD..!! Go Daniel we are so very excited to hear all the new stuff

    1. daniel@church212.com

      haha! Todd, you’re one of my favorite people. Thanks for your constant love brother. Love your family.

  4. Diana Donin

    Daniel, you so amazing in your gifts. You are one of the most talented people I have ever met, known, and had the privaledge to worship with. But the most amazing gift about you, is your love and passion for God and it shows in every Spirit filled song you write and sing!

    1. daniel@church212.com

      Diana, thank you so much for posting here and for your kind words! It is an honor to serve people like you. Thanks for your friendship!

  5. I absolutely love the “Turn My Desert” single. I can’t wait to hear and love it all! 😀

    1. daniel@church212.com

      Thanks so much Traci!! I can’t wait for you to hear as well!

  6. Rachel Love

    Daniel, I am excited to be on this journey with you and your family. You are not only talented and gifted but so humble and have such a beautiful heart for the LORD and HIS people!!! KeEp RoCkInG the PrAiSeS Brother!!!

    1. daniel@church212.com

      You are so awesome! haha! Thanks sister. You have an amazing family.

  7. PTR. Je

    Ptr Dan how r u? I heard that u will be coming back to the Philippines this May….so excited!

    1. daniel@church212.com

      Hey there!! Yes, I am coming in May and I am so excited! I have placed some dates on my schedule page of where I am going to be. And I also will be updating them with official times. Super stoked to see you guys again!

  8. Hugs and prayers …….For God u are awesome. U are a blessing and are blessed, indeed.

    1. daniel@church212.com

      Thank you Sharon! Your responses always bless me 🙂

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