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Is Making Disciples Really Necessary?

Is making disciples really necessary? Why should Christians make disciples? Disciple-making is the task Jesus gave to every believer. It wasn’t the design of the church for spectators and consumers to come be encouraged by a weekly program. It was his design that each Christian be deeply committed and actively involved in the lives of others. […]

Why I’m Not Singing At Church This Year

I wanted to send out a letter to update my church family on what’s been wrong with my voice and why I’ve been on vocal rest for seven months. Throughout last year, I was over-singing and over-training at the same time which came with consequences. To start off, I’ve been singing every Sunday for the past 10 years (8 […]

Rediscover The Revolutionary Power Of The Gospel

There was a young man who called himself a “professional Christian.” He was faithful in the Word and fervent to the Church. But something was wrong in his heart—for years he found Christianity wearisome. J.D. first put faith in Christ when he was in high school. And as far as he could tell, his conversion […]

Begin Your Journey By Learning To Love God

I find so much delight in my children, and am daily overwhelmed with love for them. There’s nothing on Earth that compares with the love I have for my family. But I’ve found myself often wishing I could maintain this same overwhelming delight in my relationship with God as the Psalmist does: I am always overwhelmed with a desire for your regulations. […]

How To Make Disciples: 3 High-Priority Practices Of Effective Disciple-Makers (Pt 7/7)

Spending time with people is the first step toward discipling. But solely being a good example isn’t enough. The key to effective disciple-making is creating a clear pathway for others to follow Jesus. This personal investment is often overlooked, but is essential to the success of Jesus’ church the way he modeled it. Looking back at my worship […]