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Worship is not limited to the songs we sing, nor held simply to a lifestyle. It's more than that—much, much more. Free music and e-books inside.

Resources To Help You Navigate Your Faith

Every Christian needs resources to help them better understand their Christian faith and live it out practically. Here are a few resources I’ve found helpful. I have also circumscribed my work into links on this page. Hopefully they help you too!  


  • Why Your Works Never Seem Good EnoughWhat was the very thing that made you a perfectly holy, child of God? What determined your freedom from the power and penalty of sin? What was the defining moment that switched your eternal destination toward heaven? Releases December 17th, 2016. Put in your email to get it directly to your inbox.
  • The Father Sees Jesus: (coming soon) I am writing an E-book on the concepts of this blog, and will be giving it to you free. Put in your email to be notified when it’s out.
  • 5 Threads of the Gospel: this is a free PDF to help you learn and share the Bible in 5 summary points. Put in your email and I’ll send it to your inbox.


  • Turn My Desert (free MP3 download): song I wrote and produced from the Philippines. Written from Isaiah 41:18-19, I believe this is a timely word for the place I live. Put in your email above and I’ll send it to you.
  • Hear Our Praises: 10 song worship record. All we could ever do is lift our praises up to you. The theme of this record is a daily lifestyle and pursuit of authentic worship.
  • Turn My Desert: 5 song worship record. The theme of this record is not in what we can do for ourselves, but what God has done for us. Jesus turns our desert to living water.

Blog Series

  • How To Make Disciples: In our Christian faith we tend to overcomplicate what Jesus meant to be simple. This 7-part series is designed to simplify discipling making for you. I wrote this series with one objective in mind: get you started. You were made to make disciples my friend. Start the series here.

Artists I network with

Music videos

Song charts

Guitar / bass tutorials

Tools for music & blogging

  • CMI Academy: This is the Christian Music Industry Academy. It exists to help artists understand the business side of their craft, “how to make an impact and income with your music.” FREE Video Training Series are available.” This online school is set up with artists and businessmen, Phillip LaRue, Josh Shipp, Daniel Ornellas, and Shawn Starbuck.
  • TribeWriters: “Are you tired of writing words nobody reads, sharing a message people just won’t pay attention to? Most people with something to say are.” – Jeff Goins This online course helps writers hone their craft, develop their platform, and make a difference with their message. This course has helped me tremendously do just that.
  • Intentional Blog: “You know you need to start a blog, to take your words and share them with the world. But it all just seems like too much to handle. Where do you focus? How do you begin? What’s really essential?” – Jeff Goins. This online course is built into the TribeWriters course, but also stands alone. A great entry level for new bloggers (and experienced).
  • SumoMe – The #1 Email Marketing Opt-in service that I recommend. This creates the opt-in boxes that integrates with your email marketing service. It has many features and is also free.
  • Aweber – An email marketing service to generate leads.
  • OptimizePress – This works as a plugin for wordpress or you can use it as a theme. I creates great landing pages, sales pages, webinars, and launch pages. You can see it in action at my home page.
  • Tribe Theme – The theme that I use for blogging. I recommend this for those who build their site around their writing. My second pick is Genesis Theme.
  • Word Press – My #1 recommended blogging platform.

Blogs that I follow

  • Radical – Blog with David Platt, resources, Secret Church, books, and articles on “taking your faith back from the American Dream.”
  • Desiring God – Articles, books, and other resources by John Piper and his team of writers.
  • The Gospel Coalition – an international ministry resourcing pastors toward promoting the Gospel for all of life and spread Gospel-centered content and resources around the Globe. Tons of articles, books, and other resources here.
  • Verge Network: This is blog site with a huge library of resources on mission and disciple-making as well as free downloadable eBooks.
  • These blogs constantly post articles via their Twitter feeds. You can get access to them right from your phone!

Bible reading plans

Here’s a few acclaimed annual Bible reading plans recommended by DesiringGod.org.

  • Discipleship Journal  This plan is one of the most popular ones. There are four daily readings, but only 25 days each month — which leaves some margin for missing here and there when life gets busy. John Piper says, “Few things discourage us more from reading the Bible through in a year than falling behind. This plan gives five catch up days every month. This is absolutely golden!”
  • M’Cheyne is the classic plan, designed by Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813–1843), the beloved Scottish minister who died before his thirtieth birthday. The plan has readings for every day of the year and will take you once through the Old Testament and twice through the Psalms and the New Testament.
  • The Kingdom gives proportionate weight to the Old and New Testaments in view of their relative length, the Old receiving three readings per day and one for the New. The Old Testament readings follow the arrangement of the Hebrew Bible, with one reading coming from each portion per day. Only 25 readings are slated per month and can be started at any time of the year.
  • For Shirkers and Slackers is for those who’ve tried other plans and stalled out again and again. This plan assigns certain genres to certain days of the week and breaks biblical books into sections you can read in one sitting — so without reading everyday, you can still make measurable headway. Pace yourself well and do some extra reading, and you might even finish in less than a year.

My favorite (and recommended) reads

There is no greater text than God’s Word.

God’s Word: Life Application Study Bible:
We would love to resource you with some great books that will help you grow in your personal faith with Jesus Christ. But there is no book that replaces the depth and the power of God’s inspired Word. Any book that you may pick up can be of great help and will teach you and encourage you. But they are only supplemental to the only permanent power-giving source of life, God’s word. So we encourage you to make daily bible reading a #1 discipline in your life. Let everything else be secondary.




I read this in a week with Audible. You must read this. 

Gaining By Losing by JD Greear
People are leaving the church J.D. Greear pastors. Big givers. Key volunteers. Some of his best leaders and friends. And that’s exactly how he wants it to be.

When Jesus gave his disciples the Great Commission, he revealed that the key for reaching the world with the gospel is found in sending, not gathering. Though many churches focus time and energy on attracting people and counting numbers, the real mission of the church isn’t how many people you can gather. It’s about training up disciples and then sending them out. The true measure of success for a church should be its sending capacity, not its seating capacity.

follw me
Highly Recommended for personal Study

Follow Me: David Platt “Is it possible for people to say they believe in Jesus but not truly be born again? Is it possible for people to claim they have accepted Christ into their hearts yet not actually be Christian?” – David Platt

FREE BOOK mailed. Yes, that important.

Revolution in World Missions: K.P. Yahannan “This book stirred me in a way no book has ever done.” -Pastor J.P. OREGON, USA “I started reading it and could not put in down. It was like part two of the book of acts.” -Mr. G.W., Hertfordshire, UK “I am currently reading Revolution in World Missions and am blown away by what I read.” This book has helped immeasurable.” -Mr. D.M., Western Australia

In “Radical,” David Platt challenges you to consider with an open heart how we have manipulated the gospel to fit our comforts and preferences. He shows what Jesus actually said about being his disciple–then invites you to believe and obey what you have heard.

A no-question-MUST 24-week group study!

Multiply: Francis Chan, David Platt, & Mark Beuving Jesus gave his followers a command: “Follow me.” And a promise: “And I will equip you to find others to follow me.” We were made to make disciples.Designed for use in discipleship relationships and other focused settings, Multiply will equip you to carry out Jesus’s ministry. Each of the twenty-four sessions in the book corresponds with an online video at www.multiplymovement.com, where New York Times bestselling author David Platt joins Francis in guiding you through each part of Multiply.

master plan
What is disciple-making really about?

The Master Plan of Evangelism: Dr. Robert E. Coleman Don’t get cold because of the title. This is one of the greatest books on desiciplship. Think about it: What was Jesus’ “master plan” of evangelism? Ministering to the masses was intentional, but focusing on the few changed the course of history for generations!

Like Multiply, a great group study!

Discipleship Essentials: Greg Ogden

A 2014 ECPA Christian Book Award Finalist Discover the fullness of life in Christ. We grow in Christ as we seek him together. Jesus’ own pattern of disciple-making was to be intimately involved with others and allow life to rub against life. By gathering in twos or threes to study the Bible and encourage one another, we most closely follow Jesus’ example with the twelve disciples. This workbook by Greg Ogden is a tool designed to help you follow this pattern Jesus drew for us. Working through it will deepen your knowledge of essential Christian teaching and strengthen your faith. Each week contains the following elements:

Leadership is essential.

Leadership Essentials: Greg Ogden
Maybe you’ve shied away from leadership because you don’t know what it will involve, or you feel too unsure of your own abilities. But your leadership is needed! In every sector of society, from families to businesses to churches, leadership roles remain empty, waiting for people willing and able to step up and make wise decisions that bring positive change. And, in a world with priorities vastly different from Christ’s, Christian leaders are especially needed to point people to him.

you and me forever
The real purpose of marriage.

You and Me Forever:Francis Chan & Lisa Chan In the same way Crazy Love changed the way we saw our personal relationship with God, You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity will radically shift the way we see one of the most important relationships in our life. Jesus was right. We have it all backwards. The way to have a great marriage is by not focusing on marriage. Whether you are single, dating or married, You and Me Forever will help you discover the adventure that you were made for and learn how to thrive in it.

A.K.A, An organized guide to the whole bible.

(FAV of all FAVS!) Systematic Theology: Wayne Gudem The Christian church has a long tradition of systematic theology, that is, studying theology and doctrine organized around fairly standard categories such as the Word of God, redemption, and Jesus Christ. This introduction to systematic theology has several distinctive features: – A strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each doctrine and teaching – Clear writing, with technical terms kept to a minimum – A contemporary approach, treating subjects of special interest to the church today – A friendly tone, appealing to the emotions and the spirit as well as the intellect – Frequent application to life – Resources for worship with each chapter – Bibliographies with each chapter that cross-reference subjects to a wide range of other systematic theologies.

Very thought provoking and eye opening read.

Paradoxology: Why Christianity was never meant to be simple: A compelling argument for why believers should welcome Christianity’s tough paradoxes and difficult questions, allowing them to better understand their faith

The Christian faith is full of apparent paradoxes: a compassionate God who sanctions genocide, an all-powerful God who allows horrific suffering, a God who owns everything yet demands so much from his followers, a God who is distant and yet present at the same time. Many Christians have big questions that their faith seems to leave unanswered, so they push them to the back of their minds, for fear of destabilizing our beliefs. But what if the tension between apparently opposing doctrines is exactly where faith comes alive? What if this ancient faith has survived so long not in spite of, but precisely because of, these apparent contradictions? What if it is in the difficult parts of the Bible that God is most clearly revealed? This book makes a bold new claim: that the paradoxes that seem like they ought to undermine belief are actually the heart of vibrant faith, and that it is only by continually wrestling with them—rather than trying to pin them down or push them away—that Christians can really move forward, individually and together.

four pillars
What is real biblical manhood? Read this.

Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart: Stu Weber
Building upon the “Four Pillars of Manhood” model set forth in his bestseller Tender Warrior, author Stu Weber leads readers in an expanded, in-depth biblical exploration of what it means to be a king, warrior, mentor, and friend. Addressing key circumstances faced by men of all ages and backgrounds, Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart focuses on areas of struggle and opportunity faced by husbands, fathers, and single men of all ages and backgrounds.

trust the bible
A short and recommended read.

Can I really trust the bible?: Barry Cooper
The Bible makes big claims for itself. But do those claims stand up?
Aren’t the stories just legends? Hasn’t the information been corrupted over time? Isn’t the Bible full of mistakes? And isn’t it culturally outdated? In this absorbing little book, Barry Cooper explores these questions – and many others – with warmth, wit and integrity.

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